In 2014 she launched Sharice & CO, a digital marketing studio that specializes in building automated marketing pipelines for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to go digital.

Sharice uses her marketing communications background and knowledge of marketing technology to help businesses leverage automation and tools that scale.

Sharice is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Technologist with over 10 years of experience building marketing systems that.

Looking to sell your offers and products on autopilot? Sharice has designed 6 figure sales funnels and fulfillment systems that reduce cost and increase profitability. 

I'm Sharice

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Giving you all the tricks of the trade so you can start quicker, grow faster and be successful sooner.

Ready to automate your marketing so you can create a steady flow of clients and customers on autopilot? You're in the right place!

Unlock the step by step guide to creating a sales funnel that works even when you're not.

The Ultimate Sales Funnel Blueprint For Coaches and Experts.

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I'm an entrepreneur just like you. I sold Avon in college, i went through a phase of making soy candles that I dreamt of selling on Etsy and at craft fairs. Monetizing my hobbies and interest was second nature. But when I found myself unexpectedly unemployed I saw it as my opportunity to build my own marketing business.

Just like that Sharice & CO was started. What began as virtual assistant services has grown over the years to focus specifically on marketing automation. Bringing me back to my background in marketing communications.

Sharice & CO is an intimate marketing studio for businesses and entrepreneurs who are ready to leverage marketing automation to grow and scale their business. 

why i am here

My Story

We treat every project like it is our own. Your success is our success. Unlike an agency we only work with a handful of clients at a time. This allows us to ensure that you get the utmost attention and service. No detail overlooked. No deadlines missed. Support and guidance when you need it.

A collective of experts and creatives who are seriously talented and committed to your success.

Have you ever paid for coaching found yourself struggling to take action? Before you know it you're back where you started but a few hundred less dollars. You're not alone! A lot of our clients have great ideas and brilliant strategies but they just can't get all the steps done.

Whether it's the tech, the design or the copywriting we can help you bust through those road blocks so you can finally launch your sales funnel.  


We believe that strategies should come with the option for implementation support because a strategy is only valuable if you can take action on it.

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Once we have the strategy we get to building your funnel. We handle the tech and make sure everything works.

Launch Your Funnel


Every project gets a sales funnel strategy that outlines each step of your marketing system and sets the scope for your project.

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Every project begins with a consultation where we assess your traffic, sales system and offer. 


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