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Generate More Revenue With Less Effort.

If you’re feeling stressed out by all the tasks and tech it takes to make money online - you’re in the right place. You finally found your expert support.

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You’ve tried DIY-ing it, but between all the tasks and tech involved, you feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

You know what you want to do, and what you want to happen but making all the tech “talk” to each other has you lost. Not to mention, the sheer thought of building an entire sales funnel from scratch has you avoiding it all together.

Same girl. Same.

Does this also sound familiar…

You Start off the week feeling optimistic and by Tuesday afternoon you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of your business ideas and tasks that need to get done.

If only you could get more done you could grow your business faster and finally hit that freedom number where things will be “easier”.

By the end of the week you’re exhausted but not sure where the time went and don’t feel like you have much to show for it.

You've spent months (maybe even years) crafting your offer and perfecting your message. However, “launch offer” has sat on your to-do list.

I am a little embarrassed to admit that I have lived every one of those bullet points.

As a wife, mother, and business owner myself, I know just how overwhelming it can be to try and implement new strategies into your already-packed schedule.

But here's the thing - it's not your fault. The industry is seriously lacking in accessible and expert implementation options.

Which is why Sharice & CO exist. We believe that small business owners like you need (and deserve) personalized attention and support to take your business to the next level. 

I get it...

I'm Sharice. I have worked for over a decade as a digital marketing specialist and tech integrator.

 My experience in the online business world has allowed me to work with some truly amazing clients. But through it all, I discovered that my true passion lies in helping purpose-driven businesses compete in the digital marketplace. My zone of genius is doing that with automated sales funnels that save time and increase their reach and revenue.

I love seeing my clients succeed and knowing I played a small part in their journey.

At Sharice & CO, I take on a limited number of projects at a time. I work on every single project that comes through the door and only bring on the best experts to assist our clients. I treat your business as if it were my own (probably better). 

Who is Sharice & CO

Say goodbye to feeling like just another client on a long roster, and hello to dedicated undivided focus on your business.

Let's dream for a moment.

Wouldn't it be nice to...

Have a marketing system that brought you new subscribers daily, fresh leads weekly and predictable sales every month.

Have more income in your business without necessarily working around the clock to earn it.

Have a thought partner to bounce ideas off of and provide strategy insights.

Have an expert and team in your back pocket who has worked behind the scenes of the very types of businesses you are striving to create AND has a B.S. in Advertising and Marketing Communications. 🎓

No more "should do, could do" - it's time to take action and see real, tangible results.

Now It's Your Turn

Standard Sales Funnel Set Up 

tech integration

  • Technical integration and set up of the funnel (e.g. landing page, email automation, payment gateway)
  • Basic customization of the funnel (e.g. color scheme, logo integration)
  • Testing and optimization of the funnel
  • Up to 6 landing pages and 4 email automations.
Perfect if you need technical support only.

My team and I will handle the technical integrations and ensure your sales funnel runs smoothly. By the end of the week, you’ll be ready to flip the switch on your shiny new sales machine and watch the results roll in.

Done For You Sales Funnel

How My team and I can help you ↓

Investment $2,500

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Standard Sales Funnel Set Up

Premium Sales Funnel Set Up 

tech integration + Design

  • Advanced customization of the funnel (e.g. custom graphics, video integration)
  • Creation of additional funnel components (e.g. upsell pages, order bump pages)
  • Integration with third-party apps and services (e.g. count down timer, course platform)
Perfect if you want to make it pretty and functional.

In Addition to the technical set up, my team and I will ensure your sales funnel uses the best conversion focused page layouts, graphics and matches your existing brand aesthetic. Walk away with a ready to go sales funnel that looks good and works!

Investment $6,500 (  or 2 payments of $3,250)

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Advanced Funnel Set Up