Guide to Modern Entrepreneurship

 Your Guide to Modern Entrepreneurship

Coaching freelancers, virtual assistants and side hustlers.


Hi I’m Sharice. I work with ambitious women of color who are ready to take ownership of their skills and turn it into a service based business. I work with freelancers, virtual assistants, self employed folks who are ready to go from picking up gigs to business owner where they call the shots and get paid for the value of their work.

When I started out in 2014, I was freshly unemployed and struggling to gain employment that matched my credentials and experience. I was working through temp agencies and constantly applying for jobs. When I was lucky enough to land an interview. I often was runner up despite the years of experience, degree and graduating cum laude it seemed I was destined to make $17/hr. and forget about full time perks and benefits.

While I held out hope that one day I would land the dream job. A job that allowed me to work remotely, have time for my passion projects and pay me for the value of my work. I never found that job.

During my job search I was freelancing, picking up gigs and doing whatever work I could find. I enjoyed the flexibility and before I knew it I started to cultivate my skills. And then I learned about virtual assistants and how to start working as a virtual assistant. Before I knew it, I launched Sharice & CO website.

Now I want to help my fellow freelancers and side hustlers navigate modern entrepreneurship to turn their skills and experience into a service based business so you can stop looking for that dream job and start living the dream.

thank you!