You May Be Thinking

You May be thinking:

“Why hire someone to build and set up my course, training portal or membership site when platforms like Thinkific are made for people to DIY their site?”

If it’s not your zone genius it’s best to outsource it! But more importantly is Thinkific the right platform for you? Should you build your course on WordPress or Kajabi? We help you make sense of all the options and ensure you’re using the best tech to power your course or membership site.

Hiring us is like having a team of highly skilled self-motivated freelancers who know exactly what to do because THIS is what we do. No need to give directions or micromanage. When you work with us you’re getting Sharice Enis, a marketing professional who has over 5 years of content marketing experience. She has devoted 10+ years to learning the in’s and out’s of marketing communications in the digital age. In addition to a carefully vetted team of highly skilled independent contractors who bring their own expertise to the table.

When you work with Sharice & Co always get

  • Private client portal for file exchanging, feedback and all project-related communication. 

  • Regularly scheduled check-ins throughout the process so that you’re always clear on what we’re working on and the status of your project. *For projects with extra touches that extend the project timeline beyond 2 days.

  • Hard workers who go above and beyond for each project.

Leave the Implementation To Me and Free Yourself Up For The Work You Love.



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