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Get It Done Plan

Project Management + Coaching

Private 90 minute Intensive

Bring me your rough notes, your ideas, and your course idea and lets turn it into a course.

Get your ideas and thoughts organized into a course outline and project plan so you can get your online course published and ready to sell sooner. Successful course creators know that a well written, detailed and thorough outline makes creating lessons 10 times faster.

During this 1:1 private working session we will organize your thoughts and ideas into a detailed outline. Once we’re done with the outline I’ll create a project plan so you can track your progress from start to finish.

You’ll leave with a clear plan and ready to create your content. Plus I love to throw in bonus resources like my checklist of content creation tools and software recommendations.

During our live working session we will:

  • Outline your course content complete with suggestions for worksheets and supporting materials.

  • Personalized tech recommendations for your online course ( where/how to host it, how to record your lessons, etc).

  • A project plan to keep you on track that you regardless of if we do any further work on your course.

  • Recording of our working session so you can replay it whenever you need.

  • My online course checklist so that you know exactly what needs to happen from start to finish.

  • If time allows you may ask me for any additional feedback regarding your course.

This is perfect for you if you have a validated course idea but you’re struggling to organize your knowledge and get started. If this sounds like exactly what you need click here to schedule your working session.

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