Patrick McFadden

Group Consulting Program on Teachable



What we did.

  • Style & branded slide decks.

  • Uploaded and formatted content into Teachable.

  • Customized and branded Teachable School.

Group Consulting Program on Teachable

Patrick McFadden of Indispensable Marketing came to use with a group consulting program concept that needed an online portable for worksheets, slide decks, and video lessons.

There is no way I would have been able to develop and launch our courses without the help of Sharice. Working with her over the years and on this project has been a huge relief. She is extremely reliable, responsive, and quick to learn new tools and platforms that I would never have time to research. What I enjoy most is that she has a process and checklist for getting things done. I feel like I have the go-to expert for course development and course set up. 

-Patrick McFadden

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