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Hello, I’m Sharice.

Hype woman (and digital marketing strategist) for women of color entrepreneurs and thought leaders who want to turn their knowledge into products and services that get them paid for the value of the work.

With over five years of online entrepreneurship experience and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Communications, I know what you’re up against turning your knowledge and skills into marketable services and products online. 

The entrepreneur life chose me.

I didn’t choose the entrepreneur life. I’m so glad it did. When I graduated in 2011, I thought I would find a job paying at least $35-40K, and I would work hard and get promoted, and eventually, I would be making the median $100k salary that drew to the marketing industry. Despite graduating Cum Laude, participating in a national advertising competition, placing third, and interning, I couldn’t land a “permanent” job with the benefits and pay I deserved. Interview after interview. I was getting so close to a job offer. But let’s just say none of them panned out. I got resourceful and started freelancing.

From Unemployed to Freelancing

I thought it would be a stepping stone in my career and an opportunity to learn more skills. Well, a few months turned into a few years. Before I knew it I stopped looking for work and started freelancing full time working behind the scenes as a virtual assistant and often giving my input and marketing perspective. Although, I was getting paid decent money. I was only getting paid for my time and not the intellectual property I brought to every project.

Freelancer to Full -Time Business Owner

The more I thought about it, the more I realized it was time to turn my knowledge, experience and skills into a service based business where I can fully serve my clients as a strategic thinker and help them get results by easing the workload. That’s how Sharice & CO turned into a unique blend of strategy focused coaching and done for you services. Psst if you’re a freelancer and need help making this transition I got you! Click here to read more about Freelance to Full Time.

Sharice & CO is where women of color thought leaders, business owners, and side hustlers go for down to earth advice and swap cookie-cutter formulas for the courage to do business differently.

Tell me if this sounds familiar

  • You know you need to have an online presence if you want to make it in the digital economy but you cringe at the thought of all the tech and steps involved in bringing your real-world talent to the worldwide web.

  • You’ve downloaded every freebie and marketing blueprint for success but you’re still feeling lost and confused about turning your expertise into info-products and services.

  • Technology gives you the heebie-jeebies, and you’d prefer someone else handle the nitty-gritty of it for you.

  • You recognize what works for Suzy may not work for you and you’re ready to develop your unique way of marketing and running your business.

thank you!