12 Lead Magnet Ideas That Will Grow Your List Fast

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You know you need a lead magnet or opt-in offer to grow your very important email list  but you don’t know where to start. We all hit a wall some times where the creativity just doesn’t flow or we just need a push. So I compiled a list of 12 lead magnet ideas that you can easily create to grow your email list and get more clients in your business fast.

  1. Checklist: Are a great place to start if you haven’t made a lead magnet before. They are easy to create and provide straight forward information for your prospective dream client. Easy to consume.
  2. Report: Depending on your topic a report could be a great way to demonstrate your expertise and boost your credibility however, remember to be concise. Reports can be difficult to make and time consuming but when done correctly can provide a lot of value to your prospects. Tip: Repurpose blog post or other content to create a report quickly
  3. Ebook: You don’t have to make a full on 60+ page book. A mini book with your best blog post repurposed and formatted can do the trick for creating an Ebook. Similar to reports this is a great way to deliver a lot of value to your prospects however, remember to make it easy to digest and consume. Lead magnets that are easy to consume are much more effective.
  4. Mini E-Course: You don’t need fancy schmancy software all you need is an email marketing service that allows for automated emails. Yep that simple. The course can be delivered via email as a series of emails that outline how to do something that your dream client is aching to do.
  5. Audio/Video: Provide access to an exclusive audio interview or video. If you run webinars or free trainings you can provide access to replay of previous trainings. Again you want to be sure to not overwhelm your prospect with too much information and you also don’t want them to get so much information that they think they don’t need you. In this case 60min or less for webinars and trainings. For videos and audio interviews no more than 15 minutes.
  6. Discount/Coupon: Providing people who are part of your email list an exclusive discount is a great way to show your appreciation and a way to get more people on your email list. This is simple and easy. It will take you practically no time at all.
  7. Preview or “sneak peek” at Paid Content like an E Book, E Course: Offering a preview to paid content is a great way to introduce your paid content to your prospects. It not only allows you build your list but it even sells your paid content.
  8. Access to a Private Group: Do you have a private Facebook group that your dream client might want access to? Offer them the opportunity to join this exclusive group where they will be able to meet and network with others just like them. For example I just launched a Facebook group for health coaches looking for business support. Have you joined it? If not click here to get instant access and connect with like minded health coaches.
  9. Worksheets/Templates: I’m a sucker for meal planning templates. It’s one of my biggest challenges and whenever someone is offering one I download it. Is there a template or worksheet that your prospects are just craving? These are usually pretty easy to create and the best thing is they’re easy to consume.
  10. Self Assessment Quizzes: These are a little more complicated than the others but can be a lot of fun to create and really useful for your prospects. Self assessment quizzes stand out amongst all the other lead magnets. Its a great unique offer. Quizzes like “How Much Sugar Do You Really Eat”“How Much Do You Really Know About (Blank)”
  11. Consultation: These are really effective for getting more prospects in your enrollment process. Give them a taste of what its like to work with you and if your services are a match you might end up with a new PAYING client. Free sessions work really well as lead magnets.
  12. Guide “tutorial” or list of tools: These are also pretty easy to create because everything has a process or “recipe”. Just like checklist these are short and easy to consume for your prospects. List of tools are also really effective. If you are apart of affiliate programs you can add those links to the list if its appropriate. So not only would you be growing your list you might actually make a few bucks. Sounds like a Win-Win to me.

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