The Introvert Marketing Strategy: 5 Offline Tactics That Don’t Require Human Interaction


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If I could hide out in my home office and run my business solely from there I would be a happy camper but I highly doubt that’s healthy nor successful. Some day, maybe, I’ll reach Beyonce level where I can drop a digital product and everyone will flock to buy it. I am not Beyonce. We are not Beyonce. We can’t do that. We NEED to market, promote and pursue our leads. If you’re introvert that might sound like bad news but trust me introverts can be successful in business too.

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The biggest challenge of being an introvert in business is being an introvert. You have to put yourself out there which is the anthesis of being an introvert especially if you are on the shy side. But that’s ok its not impossible to maintain your introvert-ness and have a successful business. You just have to schedule your bravery, and know where your limits are. By the way, you need to know where those limits are so you can push them.

1. Business Card Drop Off: Drop off your business cards at a local cafe. This doesn’t require you to talk to anyone actually. It’s perfect if you’re still a bit shy about your business however, don’t expect your phone to be ringing off the hook from this one thing. This should be part of a much bigger offline introvert friendly strategy.

2. Family and Friends Referral: Email your close friends and family to let them know you have a business. Include in the email what it is that you do, who they should refer to you and how to refer them. Should they send referrals straight to your site? Give them your email? Do you have a pre-written email they can copy and paste to send to a referral.

3. Flyers: Similar to dropping off your business cards but a little more information than just a business card. This might require you to talk to at least one person to get your flyer up but hey, once it’s up you can quietly exit like a ghost in the night.

4. Published: Write an article for your local paper or magazine that is geared towards your niche. Have you been in Whole Foods lately and seen that Awaken magazine they have that’s free? It’s neat right? Is your ideal client also reading this magazine? If so you might want to consider submitting an article.

5. Think Local: Sponsor a newsletter for a local charity, donate a prize for a school fundraiser (hint the prize should be what ever it is you sell), take out an ad in church bulletin or take out a small ad in the local paper.

Last but not least; you could do some good old fashion out bound marketing like billboards, radio ads, and ads in the newspaper. Ok you have the tactics, now go out and do them! Don’t forget to share what tactics you used with us over in the Facebook Group.

  1. Moritz says:

    As an introvert myself, I like the tips you named. However I do feel that extroverts and introverts can be the opposite too. I use a lot of the methods you listed for my blog ( but try to be as extroverted as possible.

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