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Got a blog or website but no photos?  You’re in the right place because I’m giving you a list of my tried-and-true resources for great photos that don’t look like stock. Oh, and did I mention most of them are free? Yep. That’s right, you can get great stock without paying a dime. However, I’m also throwing in some low-cost options that I love.

Free Stock Photos That Don’t Look Like Stock (psst…no email required)

First things first, pin this bad boy so you can refer back to it whenever you need some free photos.

Pinned it? Good. Now, I want to give you a word of advice when it comes to using free stock photography for your business. Keep track of where each photo comes from. Read the fine print. There’s nothing worse than downloading a photo, using it and then being accused of copyright infringement. It hasn’t happened to me (knock on wood) but I’ve heard of it happening. So do your best to dot your “i” and cross your “t”. Always give credit when it’s due. Also, I’m sure you already know this but I have to say it; never download or “take” photos from Google. 

These are the sites and sources I’ve used for my site. Some of them might look familiar :-). Use them. Enjoy them. Be safe.


Gratisography – https://gratisography.com/

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