How to Create a Welcome Email that Connects and converts.

If you aren’t sending strategic purposeful emails to new subscribers when they sign up for your newsletter or opt-in for your freebie you are missing a HUGE opportunity. An opportunity to connect with your new subscribers, establish trust, and present how you can help them. In plain english, this is how you nurture and convert your new subscribers into customers.

If you’re a hear centered empathetic person like me sometimes it hard to craft your marketing in a way that feels authentic and aligned because the tactics often feel transactional and disingenuine.


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Here’s the thing, if you’re building an email list and either of the following applies to you…

1) You’re not connecting with your subscribers aka radio silence once they join.

2)They aren’t buying from you.

Then it’s probably a good time to get whip your welcome email into shape. It’s not that hard even. I promise to make this easy for you even if you don’t like to write. Even if you feel like a fish out of water when it comes to writing marketing content for your business.

Here’s how to fix it and create a profitable welcome sequence

No More Radio Silence When People Sign Up For Your Email List

You should have a 3-7 email sequence that goes out to new subscribers. I’ve seen more extensive and complicated sequences. I’ve also seen shorter and to the point sequences. I think 3-5 is a nice sweet spot especially if you feel overwhelmed at the idea of creating an email sequence.

Side note, the number of emails you send does not matter as much as the content of the emails. Wanted to say that because some people get so focused on how many emails instead of what is going in the emails and how does each email build connection.

You’ll hear me say connection as lot because connection is what makes this effective at boosting your bottom line and increasing your impact. If you haven’t heard it let me be the first to tell you, people buy from people they like know and trust.

If there’s one email your subscribers are reading it’s this one

Today we’re going to focus on just the welcome email because the welcome email is the one every one opens. The average open rate for a welcome email is 82%. The strategy I give you in Email Funnel Express capitalizes on that buy intentionally crafting that email to not only deliver your opt-in offer (your freebie that you give when someone signs up).

The blessing and curse of how you craft this email

What I love and simautaneosly hate is that there is no formula for crafting this email. Honestly there’s no formula for how you show up in your business that’s going to have you raking in the clients and customers. You and your business are unique and how you show up is and should be unique to you. The good news, if you show up authentically and unapologetically you will be raking in the clients and customers. Why? Like I said earlier people buy from people. When you show up fully people will make a human connection with you.

Not to completely contradict what I just said but there are best practices, tactics and strategy you can apply to how you show up in this welcome email that are effective at creating connection. I’m going to give those to you. I love a good template and starting place for inspiration. That’s why I make and sell templates for you to use. I know it saves your time, gives you a leg up on marketing your business and it gives you the best practices without having to go get a bachelor’s degree in marketing. AND because I know you want to market your business from a place of integrity and authenticity I’m always throwing in suggestions on how to customize the templates.

Ok with all that said, I think we’re finally ready to go over the three sections to include when crafting a welcome email that connects and converts. By the way if you want the full mad-lib style template version. You can grab it in the digital shop.

Section 1 Don’t beat around the bush tell them why they are here.

Tell them that you know why they are here and what they want. This signals to your new subscriber that you understand them. By the way, you know this because of the opt-in offer they signed up for and who you serve in your business. If you’re feeling fuzzy on this. Take a moment to make sure your opt-in offer is aligned with your business and what you offer.

Section 2 Don’t be a stranger

Briefly introduce yourself. This is where your elevator pitch comes in handy. Explain who you are, who you serve and why. The why you do what you do is so important to building connection. If you’re a coach who has been in the shoes of your client this is even more powerful. This is your opportunity to start weaving in your experience to connect with your new subscriber who may be dealing with a similar challenge. You can even include a photo here.

Section 3 Set your new subscriber up for success

Give your new subscriber three ways (if applicable) how they can have success or get the most out of the freebie you just sent them. You’re delivering value by helping them get a small win, you’re building a good first impression that you’re someone who is helpful and you’re increasing the impact you’re having on the world. That’s a win-win-win.

Those are the three major sections to include in your welcome email to connect with your new subscribers straight off the bat. Just to be clear you want to include a link or instructions to get the opt-in offer even if they already received it. However, I have a whole strategy around how to deliver your opt-in offer so that you get more eyes on your welcome email as well as some additional tactics I like to throw in the welcome email to potentially get them to make a purchase right away or keep them engaged and eager to open the next email. But if you cover these three sections you will surely make a connection and stand out in a sea of businesses who are sending very generic welcome emails or worst not sending anything at all.

There you have it! If you want to see an example of this in action you can join my list and receive (insert opt-in) and or you can purchase Email Funnel Express and get the whole strategic welcome sequence practically written and installed in your Convert Kit or Active Campaign account. Click here to learn more.

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