How To Share Google Docs So That it Automatically Makes a Copy

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Using Google Docs For Your Info Product? In this quick video, I’m going to show you a really easy trick to sharing Google Doc files with customers and clients so that…

✅You look super professional

✅ You preserve the original file

Did I mention it’s really easy?! Pin it for later ->

Below I walk through the process and it only takes 2 minutes. For those of you who aren’t visual learners I’m also including the step by step process so you can copy and paste the exact changes you need to make to the URL.

 Step 1: Select “get shareable link”, select “anyone with link can view”, then select “copy link”.

You should have a link that looks like this:<spreadsheetID>/edit?usp=sharing

Step 2: Then change the last part to /copy instead of /edit?usp=sharing.

Your new URL should look like this:<spreadsheetID>/copy

There you have it! Just two steps. Now when you use that link the person will be prompted to make a copy when they click it. This is perfect if you’re sharing a file with a client or customers and want to preserve the original file.

Bonus tip! You can also bookmark that link so that you get the “make a copy” prompt if you are using it for a template.

I wonder what else you can use this link for? Leave it in the comments how you plan to use your “make a copy” link.

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